Past Conventions



Katsucon (February 14-16): Your heroes reunite for the first time since Dragon*Con and have dates with Persona 4 and the Sand Snakes on their dance cards!

Eastern Shore Fan Con (April 5th): Bria’s planning on hitting up this tiny local con again. She’ll be a part of a Morning Glories group with Zhobot.

Awesome Con (April 19-20): Bria’s beyond excited to attend this convention in its second year. In addition to costuming as Monet St. Croix, Jaina Solo, Sage, and Mara Jade, you can catch her on a panel Saturday afternoon talking all things Star Wars.

Otakon (August 8 – 10): Lin’s going to indulge her sports anime and magical girl lifestyle in grand style.

Dragon*Con (August 29 – September 01): Go big or go home? Can do. We’ve got some super fabulous X-men plans on our plates along with… well… we can’t give away all our secrets yet. ;)

Baltimore Comic Con (September 05-07): Another local con, Bria’s looking forward to hitting up this great comic focused convention as it grows.



Katsucon (February 15-17): Your heroes reunite for the first time since Dragon*Con with Sailor Moon and Dance Central costumes along with their own separate costumes. Magical Girls Aplenty!

Eastern Shore Fan Con (March 09): Bria’s flying solo for a new(ish) local convention. She chilled with her Zhobot bros as Maya Lopez/Echo.

Awesome Con (April 20-21): Bria’s headed out to a brand new convention in Washington DC that already looks like it’ll be fantastic. Keep an eye out for her as Maria Hill one day and Piper McLean from the Heroes of Olympus books.

Ottawa Comic Con (May 10-12): This is Lin’s local con, and she’s proud at how much it’s grown! Her costume schedule was basically having an easy day, Miss America style.

Dragon*Con (Aug 30 – Sept 03): Go big or go home? Can do. Lin’s going to be unfortunately be flying solo for our usual big con this year but will be making her return to both the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Baltimore Comic Con (Sept 07-08): To make up for missing Dragon*Con, Bria’s hoping to make it out to this convention for the first time ever but it’s still questionable.

New York Comic Con (Oct 10-13): Lin is going to party hard on comic books, and by party hard, she means spend the entirety of Saturday sitting in the Marvel panel room. But she’ll also be wearing a new Psylocke costume, so, you know.