Joan Watson

Source: Episode 1×02 – While You Were Sleeping
Media: Television Show
Completed: 2013

I am unworthy to cosplay a character played by the Goddess Lucy Liu but I did it anyways because whoa is Joan Watson the actual best.

The hardest part was deciding on what outfit of hers to do because our styles are juuuuuust different enough that I couldn’t pull everything directly from my closet.  I finally decided on this look from Episode 2 and from there it was just a matter of finding the right pieces to pull from my closet and to buy.  Except for the necklace.  That was a whistle I scrounged from a Naval Academy keychain and put on a chain.  If anyone’s interested, I’ll dive into the typical WAYW breakdown style for the outfit:

Jeans: Paris Blue
Purple T-Shirt: Kenneth Cole
Grey Cardigan: BCBG
Black Trenchcoat: Zara
Boots: Kenneth Cole