[WAYW] That’s How We’re Going To Win – Rose Tico / Star Wars

We’re back! Just, y’know, later into January than expected. Please feel free to blame the freezing cold, limited amounts of day light, Bria’s work schedule, and the foot of snow for this delay. It’s okay though: we’re back now!

From the minute I saw it teased in their promotional pictures, I knew that I had to have this dress inspired by Rose Tico. Actually, I originally thought it was a jacket but nope! It’s a shirt dress which is even better. I hope this is a sign of more Star Wars inspired clothing to come.

Rose Tico Dress: Musterbrand
Black Tights: Hue
Black Boots: Dr. Scholls
Godspeed Rebels bracelet: Sparkle Designs
X-Wing Necklace: ThinkGeek

For reference, Bria is wearing a size small in the Rose Dress