[FF] December 2018’s Fav Four

Welcome back to our final Fav Four of the year! Hopefully you took advantage of all the sales last month because wow there were a lot of them! That hasn’t stopped retailers from releasing new geek fashion pieces though. Here are some of our favorites this month.

  • We are Riverdale Trash (Choni 4 Ever) and I still can’t believe Black Milk Clothing is doing a collection for it. Cheryl is our forever queen.
  • Her Universe released a collection inspired by Mary Poppins Returns via Torrid. This penguin sweater is super cute!
  • I want to steal the Rebel Alliance patch off the back of this Her Universe denim Leia jacket SO BADLY.
  • So that Rose inspired piece Musterbrand teased a few months back? It’s not a jacket, it’s a shirt dress! While shirt dresses aren’t necessarily my thing, I am 1) probably going to buy it anyways and 2) excited to see Musterbrand continue to branch out from sweaters and outerwear. I hope that more dresses are in their future.