[FF] October 2018’s Fav 4

It’s time for this month Fav 4 and (waitforit) everything isn’t actually Star Wars for once! (Gasp! Shock!) Don’t worry: there’s at least one Star Wars thing in here.

  • It’s entirely possible we talked about this awesome Rebel Jacket from Musterbrand before but now it’s finally available for preorder and will be shipping soon! Even better? It’s double sided and can let you more subtly rep for the Rebellion with grey. We’d like to note that the orange/grey color scheme makes it ideal for Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron fans. ;)
  • The most oft repeated question heard around the internet after that Wreck-It Ralph footage was ‘Can we buy the princesses’ sleepwear?!’ Well now you can! Or at least some of them. I’m still holding on to hope for Mulan’s jacket.
  • Doctor Who returned a few weeks ago and we’re already in love with Thirteen. Her Universe has been putting forth a bunch of designs inspired by the new Doctor but we particularly like this raglan which pays homage to her actual shirt but adds a twist to it.
  • Someone tell us we can’t order this gorgeous Harry Potter inspired kimono from Black Milk Clothing. Because we wants it. But have no place to wear it. But it’s so pretty!