[COS] Hope Cannot Save Them – Iden Versio

I’ve never had a character call to me so quickly before like Iden Versio. From the minute I saw the Battlefront trailer and the Inferno Squad cover, I was in love. And then I somehow tripped and ended up deciding the very next week to try and have version one of her costume done by Awesome Con. That was in uhhh about a month and a half.

Mission accomplished!

First things first, I owe a huge debt of thanks to my friend and garrisonmate Scott for helping make this happen. I would have been completely lost working on this armor without him. I’m a fabric girl all the way although I definitely learned a lot about the armor process while we worked on pulling this all together. (Sanding… so much sanding.)

On a ‘look at the cool thing we did!’ note, we went the extra mile and made the TIE chest box detachable from the armor since we see her with both set ups in the two trailers we seen so far. I’m looking forward to making some upgrades to this costume over the next few months to make it look even closer to how Iden looks in the trailer.

Commander Iden Versio: Bria

Thank you to Haythem of Lafhaj Studios for all of the rad pictures! Also thank you to my friend Dale who let me steal him to be my “Dadmiral” (aka Admiral Garrick Versio) since he had on his Krennic at the shoot.

Here’s to hoping that I’ll get to take pictures with more Inferno Squad people in the future once my costume looks even better!