[FF] Fashion Finds Round Up – May 2017

It’s that time again… time for another Fashion Finds Round Up as we try and catch up on some of the latest releases around the geek fashion galaxy. Let’s get started!

As we covered in our Celebration round up, Her Universe had a new collection available at the convention last month and those pieces are now available through HerUniverse.com and some designs are also available via HotTopic.com.

On May Fourth, Bioworld debuted two new Star Wars themed collections inspired by Hoth and Han Solo. (In other words… a little something for the Rebels and the Imperials.) Per their Instagram, they’ll be debuting the line at “Comic Con this year.” Presumably that means San Diego Comic Con. You’ll likely be able to find them through the usual retailers after that point.

As we previously reported in our feature post-Celebration, Po-Zu’s Star Wars collection is now available for preorder! They have a selection of offerings for both men and women. If you want to check out something pretty cool though, they’ve got a super neat ‘Making Of’ video about their Rey boots that you can watch below.

And finally, in non-Star Wars news, ThinkGeek now has two super neat bags available inspired by Agent Carter and the Book of Vishanti from Doctor Strange. The Peggy bag is especially subtle and will likely be super popular amongst her fangirls.