[CON] SWCO 2017: Fashion at Celebration

Conventions are increasingly becoming more and more of a celebration of geek fashion and this year’s Star Wars Celebration was no exception. There was a geek fashion vendor down almost every other aisle and they were offering far more than just the standard t-shirts that used to be the hallmark and the unfortunate extent of geek “fashion.” As everyone knows, that changed about seven years ago when Her Universe launched and fans haven’t looked back since. Thankfully.

We already brought you an up close look at the Musterbrand and Po-Zu booths but they were far from the only non-t-shirt vendors. Loungefly, ThinkGeek, and WeLoveFine all had a strong presence (and very busy booths.) Her Universe was equally busy… or at least that’s my best guess. Unfortunately, their booth was inside the Celebration store which was an approximately 5 hour endeavor if you wanted to buy something. (2+ hours wait to get in and another 2+ to check out… ridiculous is a kind term for it.) At least now the Celebration collection is available via the Her Universe and Hot Topic websites.

There were a few geek fashion related panels. The Kessel Runway presented a geek fashion panel on the Collectors track. The biggest announcements came from the Disney Parks panel where Her Universe revealed their new line that will be coming exclusively to the parks. The collection leans a little more vintage/retro (especially with the poodle skirts) but that’s not surprising given some of Disney’s more recent fashion releases. There is also a Rey vest/arm warmer combo and a Padmé and Leia shirt that looks intriguing. You can see all the designs at the above link. Personally, I’m most interested in the Tatooine dress and the BB-8 hoodie because that just looks COMFY.

In non Star Wars news, Her Universe will also be producing designs inspired by the Haunted Mansion and Alice in Wonderland. That last one is approximately zero percent surprising if you’re familiar with Ashley Eckstein in the least.

All you had to do was walk to floor to see the creativity from fans with their own Star Wars inspired outfits. Here are a few of my favorites!


And for good measure and just because I can… have a few of my favorite costumes!

It’s absolutely incredible to see how far geek fashion has come within the last decade and equally heartening to see so many women and girls expressing themselves through both pieces they’ve bought and ones they’ve made themselves. I can’t wait to see how much further geek fashion goes at the next Celebration in 2019!