[FF] Ties: Geeky yet Good Looking

We don’t cover men’s fashion very often here at White Hot Room but for some reason, ThinkGeek keeps making us make an exception to the rule. It can be harder for men’s fashion to incorporate geeky nods without being juvenile and ties are no exception. When I’ve shopped for my guy friends in the past, it’s been a struggle to find them a nerdy tie that doesn’t scream HEY LOOK HOW NERDY THIS IS I FOUND IT IN THE KIDS’ SECTION. I’m definitely a fan of how ThinkGeek has approached their ties though. They use a more subtle approach and use a careful hand when incorporating nerdy elements in their ties. I think the new BB-8 one below is absolute perfection. Even the TIE fighters and Death Stars one features a print small enough that someone really would have to look twice to figure it out.

You can shop all of their ties here.