[INSPO] What Would Lady Carise Wear?

Have you met Lady Carise Sindian yet? If not, you are definitely missing out because that also means you haven’t read Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray. Bloodline is a Leia-centric book set in the years before The Force Awakens and helps establish the state of the New Republic. Lady Carise Sindian is the Senator from Arkanis and aligns herself with the opposite party as Leia… but also really envies her title and wants one of her own. She’s not a great person but she’s ridiculous, always dresses to the nines, and I love her so basically it was only a matter of time before I asked myself what Lady Carise would wear.

I believe the answer can be found on the runway of an Anne Avantie show. She’s an Indonesian designer and her work is both colorful and incredible and I could absolutely see Carise wearing something like one of these especially the second from the left. (Okay so maybe I really want to wear that one…)