[COS] Project: Ashes of Katarr

Do you know what’s terrible? Video Game costumes. How those things forever defy the laws of physics is beyond me.  (I know, I know. It’s a game.) What’s ever so fun about video game costumes is that you just know they have fun creating something crazy and then watching cosplayers suffer to recreate it.

As far as video game costumes go, Visas Marr from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords isn’t actually all that bad. I’m still irritated about the veil but that’s another post entirely. What’s taken a lot of working has been drawing all the assorted designs on the fabrics. At first glance, the black outer-dress looks like it’s just black or a dark grey but ohhh no. It has a faint pinwheel pattern on it. All over. (Shout out to the 501st’s CRL for helping break this costume down and providing better reference for the pattern than old game screenshots could.)

I decided that the best way to do this would be to cut out my pattern pieces from the black fake leather fabric and then paint each one individually. And then came the trial and error part. Originally, I think I’d be able to make a stamp of the pinwheel and do it that way. My attempts here failed.  Miserably. It wasn’t a clean line and just… didn’t look great. Reluctantly, I decided that hand painting was my best bet. Turns out that neither a fabric marker nor a sharpie was going to show up on the fake leather. A paint pen, however, showed up and dried fast.

I thought that doing the pattern in two parts was the best plan. I also decided that eyeballing much of this was going to be the best for my sanity. Thankfully, a coaster that I had lying around was the right size for the circles and so I went to work. The middle column of circles was always first and then I supplemented with the outer circle portions. And really hoped to god that it wasn’t going to look terrible.

Step two was the pinwheel part. I found something else circular to trace, eyeballed the center of the bigger circle, and drew all of those as necessary.  From there, I used a ruler and drew the six lines coming off of the circle. This got easier the more often I did it and for the rest of the time… I just sorta hoped for the best. Again, I’m thankful that I could reference pictures of other costumes for this to make sure I got it about right. (The worst part was when my paint pen died part of the way through.)

Pro tip: Don’t do this on a tile floor for hours and hours at a time because your body WILL hate you afterwards. I think this took me about 8 hours of work with a quick run to Michael’s and sporadic breaks in between. But hey! I’m pretty happy with the results and the pain was worth it.

What does the final costume look like? Well, you’ll have to wait for Katsucon for that!