[COS] That was fun. Let’s never do it again. – Dr. Aphra/Star Wars


I fell in love with Aphra the very minute I saw the cover of Darth Vader #3.  That was about two years ago and I’ve yet to find a reason not to love this sassy, rogue archaeologist who managed to survive working for Darth Vader.  (Just barely but it still counts!)  It means the freaking world to me that I have a character to cosplay in the galaxy far, far away who actually looks like me and who I love whole-heartedly.  I will forever be indebted to Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca for creating her.

Cover Material

I’m especially excited because she got her very own comic book which debuted today!  (And all of you should go read it ASAP!) And hey, if you need proof of how much I love Aphra, I’ve made upgrades to the costume since first making it back in July and I already have other upgrades planned AND I even want to make more versions of her various costumes because she has so many.  Aphra is MY GIRL and if you need proof… well… this happened entirely by accident.


Dr. Aphra: Bria
Photography by the ever incredible Zhobot!

Double thank you to Heather of Zhobot for venturing forth to a random parking garage with me during what was decidedly winter so we could get these pictures!

I can explain... Every good archaeologist needs some goggles