[WAYW] Shepard Can’t Dance – Mass Effect


Happy N7 Day!  If you follow my Twitter account, you know that I’ve fallen fast and hard for Mass Effect.  Given what a fan I am of Knights of the Old Republic, I’ve known for ages that I’d likely dig these games but never had a gaming system to play them on… or at least I didn’t until this spring.  And now I’m an addict.  When I die from the Mass Effect 3 feels, just shoot my body into space from the Normandy.  It’s fine, everything’s fine.


N7 Cardigan:  Bioware/ThinkGeek
Red Shirt: Express
Stripe Leggings: Express
Silver Studs: Henri Bendel
Combat Boots: Macy’s

Thank you to Heather over at Zhobot for the pictures!

By the way, I am IN LOVE with this cardigan. It’s excellent quality and incredibly comfortable.  The N7 bit on the chest is embroidered on and even the buttons have the N7 detail on them.  Oh and it has pockets!  10/10, would highly recommend.