[COS] In a Galaxy Far, Far Away… – Leia Organa (Endor)


One of the best things about Dragon Con is that you can pull together some pretty amazing costume groups because some of the best cosplayers around bring their A-Game to the con.  My friend Ned and I assembled a pretty fun group of Original Trilogy costumes last year for Dragon Con but this year… this year we went all out and got people from the entire freaking Saga.

The Saga

I love everyone in this picture.

While we didn’t have quite as full of a group as we’d hoped, we’re still really freaking pleased with how things turned out.  Plus, I had an excuse to make one of my favorite Leia costumes!  Spray painting that poncho was way more fun than you’d think.  I want to wear this costume forever.

I can’t wait to get some better shots of the costume out in the woods or something but for now, have some awesome moments from our giant photoshoot that we had to shift from the Hilton lobby because we were literally stopping traffic.

Team Falcon

Princess Leia Organa: Bria
Han Solo: Ned Cox
Chewbacca: Ruby Rinesko
Darth Vader: Kevin Spooner
Anakin Skywalker: Aaron Rivin
Rey: Jennifer DeVoll
Photography: Dan Ethan

I think I got it... I think I got it! Skywalker Family Portrait. Maybe?

Someone who loves you

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