[COS] It’s Rude to Keep a Girl Waiting – Elektra



I was already excited knowing that Elektra was going to show up in Season 2 of Daredevil but then they went and cast Elodie Yung and I was over the freaking moon.  Hell yes for another hapa actress in the MCU!  Of course, then I went and watched the show and fell completely in love with her.  This version of her costume was on my list by the end of its first episode and I desperately want the final version to happen one day.  There’s just something about the way she says “Matthew.”  And also how she kicks so much butt.




The ever amazing Justin was took pictures of me at Awesome Con 2016 and through photography magic, made a convention hall wall look totally legit and appropriate for the character.  By the way, he’s an absolute gem of a photographer and you should absolutely shoot with him if you get the chance.  This shoot put me through my paces but was totally worth it.

Elektra Natchios: Bria
Photography by Rich and Strange Photography

I just really really really loved being Elektra, guys.  <3



cos_bria_2016_elektra_04 cos_bria_2016_elektra_05