Awesome Con 2016

It’s that time of year again when Bria heads off to Awesome Con in Washington DC.  As usual, she’s got a full schedule of costumes and even a panel lined up for the weekend!



Afternoon: It’s not quite a costume but if you see Bria looking suspiciously like Shorelle’s Anakin Skywalker… yeah.
Late Afternoon/Evening: Time to suit up as everyone’s new favorite assassin!


Morning/Afternoon: Keep an eye out for the Emperor’s Hand…

In the afternoon, you can catch Bria on a panel!  Rampant Speculation in a Galaxy Far, Far Away at 4:15 pm in Room 149.  It’ll be an hour filled with Star Wars craziness and there will also be giveaways. ;)


All Day: Time to end the convention strong with a stalwart padawan learner