[FF] The Her Universe x The Force Awakens Collection arrives at Hot Topic

The long teased and long awaited The Force Awakens collection is finally here!  Designed by last year’s Her Universe Fashion Show winners Leetal Platt and Kelly Cercone for Hot Topic, the collection debuted online yesterday.  You can check out and purchase the entire collection online at Hot Topic with the exception of a Rey inspired dress that is forthcoming.  But hey!  Because we’re us, we figured that we’d talk a little about what we like and love about the collection and what we don’t love quite so much.

The real standout piece is the Captain Phasma inspired jacket (bottom left.)  The design and cut of it is just absolutely fantastic.  It’s a piece that you can wear out and people will appreciate it regardless of whether they’re a Star Wars fan.  (I would have bought it already if my closet wasn’t already overflowing with jackets.)  The one comment I’ll make is that given past Her Universe/Hot Topic jackets and price point, the leather is going to be a little on the cheaper side so this could be something you want to check out in person.

Another piece that will probably sell out quickly is the Poe/Finn jacket.  It looks like a super cute and durable piece that gets the feel of the famous friendship jacket without apeing it completely.  I do wish that the Rebel crest wasn’t on the back but that’s personal preference.  (This one is Lin’s favorite!)

INSPO_HU TFA Collection

The First Order Stormtrooper and the BB-8 dresses are both absolutely adorable!  The cut of both looks like it’ll be flattering on a lot of different body shapes.   They’re streamlined designs but fun. We at White Hot Room are divided on how we feel about the printed design on the fabric.  Lin is a fan while Bria doesn’t love it quite as much but we both think these are fabulous additions to the Her Universe line!

The Rey cardigan and dress both look like they’re going to be incredibly comfortable but also cute.  (The cardigan is on my to-buy list!)  Even without the speeder print on the dress, it’s a design that will definitely be recognizable to fans.

As for the rest of the collection… the Phasma leggings are a neat design but not terribly distinctive as a Phasma piece if you take away the tiny helmet.  The Poe Dameron flight suit inspired dress is nice but I honestly prefer the first X-Wing dress that Ashley did years ago.  The color swap and the embroidered details on the waist just feel a little off to me.  Unfortunately, the dress that didn’t really jive with us was the Kylo Ren one.  There’s just a little too much going on there.

What are your favorite pieces from the collection?  Was anything an instant buy for you?