[FF] Elhoffer Design’s Galactic Scavenger and Fighter Dresses

If you’re a geek girl into fashion, you’ve probably heard of the amazing Catherine Elhoffer before.  She’s the talented lady behind the Jedi and Sith cowl dresses over at WeLoveFine and her range of custom geek fashion work is absolutely incredible.  (You should check out her Instagram if you’re unfamiliar with her work.)

Right now, she’s got a pre-sale going on for her Rey Resistance inspired and her Resistance pilot inspired dresses!  This is a great chance to snag one of her dresses for a lower price than her commissions usually run and they’re both positively adorable.  (My finger maaaay be hovering over the purchase button for the Rey dress in grey as we speak…)

So run forth and check out this amazing designer and (just maybe) treat yourself ;)