[COS] Mighty and Powerful Gods! – The Road to El Dorado


Miguel and Tulio! Tulio and Miguel!  It has probably been at least two years since Abby first came to me and said “Hey Bria: you need to watch The Road to El Dorado because the two main characters are basically us.”  She was not wrong.  So we genderswapped them, finally found a convention where we had free space in our schedules, and this happened.


Probably the best thing about doing these costumes was how excited everyone was when they looked at us and went “wait… are you two doing… yessssss” when they figured it out.

Roll them dice

Tulio: Bria
Miguel: Abby Rou

Thank you to our amazing bro Heather of Zhobot for taking these magical pictures of our faces doing the most ridiculous things.



The horse was a surprise