[FF] Her Universe Takes Over November

Keeping track of all the new geek fashion pieces out there has been getting harder and harder lately.  There are just so many awesome pieces out there!  This month, Her Universe did the equivalent of a mic drop and released a good 30+ products including a ton of new Star Wars ones.  As Her Universe now has different pieces in their own online shop, ThinkGeek, Hot Topic, and in Disney parks, we thought we’d attempt to try and summarize all the new pieces.  We can’t really pull together a comprehensive view of what’s at the parks but we have seen this adorable R2-D2 print dress!

First up, Hot Topic!




Hot Topic definitely got some of the coolest pieces in this limited edition collection.  That Vader jacket is absolutely sublime and we at WHR are always on Team Cape Dress.  It looks like the BB-8 jacket will only be available online and you can buy both that jacket and the Vader one both at Hot Topic and at Her Universe.  We haven’t gotten our hands on any of these yet but the Vader sweater has gotten some rave reviews on social media.

Keep your eyes out in December for more from Hot Topic.  There’s a fabulous Princess Leia inspired dress on the horizon and Torrid should have the plus sized versions of the collection around the same time.




On the main Her Universe site, there are more than a few new items that popped up yesterday in addition to the ones from earlier this month.  Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, and Star Trek all got at least one new item in the release yesterday.  By our count, over 20 new pieces went up so we settled for pulling out some of our favorites to highlight.  It’s definitely a sweatshirt heavy release from the Loki one to the glow-in-the-dark lightsaber one based on the super popular t-shirt!  We also have to call out the new Doctor Who Christmas sweater and the Star Wars one (not pictured) is so delightfully ridiculous that we can’t help but love it.

The real standout from these latest pieces is the stormtrooper skirt.  It appears to be of a similar cut to the Rebel Alliance one from last year but may not have the slip that didn’t thrill some of us.  The best thing though is that this print looks like it’s actually subtle enough to fly under the radar since the helmets offer a side view.

All of this is in addition to the leggings, muscle shirts, and super cute t-shirts from earlier this month.  (Check out the Do Or Do Not one. Trust us.)




Whew! That’s a lot of Her Universe?  And this may not even be everything for the year!  Anyone have a favorite piece from this latest set of releases?

Better get your X-mas lists ready, ladies. There’s probably going to be a lot of Her Universe on there.