[WAYW] We Have Hope – Star Wars Rebels



I’ve gotten into a habit over the last year of taking my costuming stress and frustration and making a dress to help make myself feel better.  (Having a huge box of fabric helps with this.)  The week before Star Wars Celebration back in April was no different.  It worked out pretty damn good since, well, I kinda got to meet Dave Filoni because of this dress.





The awesome Justin of Rich and Strange Photography was kind enough to take time out of his Dragon Con to do a photoshoot with me between my panels. (Sidebar: I swear to God that this dress is like magic.)  I couldn’t be more happy with how the pictures turned out and am thrilled that I can finally share them here!

Rebels Dress: Custom Bria Design :)
Starbird Necklace: FoxyFunk
Lime Green Heels: Zara

Photography by Rich and Strange!




Oh and hey: I hear there’s a a little show coming back tonight… OH RIGHT THAT’S REBELS.  Get excited for the Season Two premiere tonight on DisneyXD!