[COS] Punch All The Things – Miss America Chavez


Okay so you just THINK that you’ve seen this costume before but NOT REALLY.  No but seriously, it is.  Previously on WHR, I borrowed most of Lin’s costume at the last minute.  This year, for the A-Force shoot that one of our friends was planning, I decided to make my own jacket.  And avoid her Canadian torture device of a fleece sweatshirt in Atlanta during summer.  After all, how could I not want to make a Miss. America costume after that issue of A-Force #1?


Miss America Chavez: Bria

Photography by Leigh Willis

Thanks to all of the other ladies who showed up for the A-Force photoshoot and putting up with a very enthusiastic and slightly bossy impromptu director.  (That wasn’t me nope not me.)

America NO


America Cubed