[COS] “Don’t ever tell me not to save you” — Homura Akemi / Madoka Magica



We’re going to be crying about Madoka Magica forever and we’re going to drag all our friends into this timeloop of anime tears.

(Remember that time I slapped together a pair of wings in the hotel room. Ha ha!! But it was probably all worth it because this perfect Tamaki and Kyouya duo from Ouran High School Host Club gave us Valentine’s Day roses in what was most likely the highlight of our lives.)

Homura Akemi (demon ver.): Lin (me)
Madoka Kaname (god ver.): Abby Rou
Sayaka Miki: Alana Owlet
Kyoko Sakura: Sarah
Mami Tomoe: Kat

Photographer: Lionel Lum







But seriously, total heart hands to everybody who signed this magical contract so we could step out with the entire crew; double heart hands to Lionel who is basically the best photographer buddy. (Probably like a thousand heart hands to Emily, patient wonderful Emily, who helped us get out the door in one piece.)

Every year Valentine’s Day coincides with Katsucon, and nothing feels more perfect than spending it with friends.