[COS] “This Isn’t The Happiness You Wished For” — Kaworu Nagisa / Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo



Ah, Evangelion. I am nothing if not powered by giant robots and anime tears. With us recently crying our snowy post-apocalyptic red wasteland tears all over the face of the until You come to me animated short, and then ringing in the new year with THE YEAR IS 2015……… I’m all about flying this particular flag and what better way than to get into the cockpit once more, one final time.

So here’s all my love on my sleeve, my ode to joy, my stupid backbreaking project that I’ll never feel like I did good enough. It’s fine. I can always try again. Isn’t that right, Shinji-kun.

Kaworu Nagisa: Lin (me)
Photographer: Lionel

Okay, but like thank you so much to Lionel for being a champion amongst men — not only for pulling up our tired selves to get these shots, but for building that magnificent cockpit. A million salutes and a million hearts.