Your October Her Universe Update

With all of Her Universe’s success over the past few years in addition to their branching out, it’s been getting harder and harder to keep track of all of their new items!  So for today’s post, we’re going to try and sum up everything that you might’ve missed over the past few weeks.  Be on the look out for more product releases in the future though as Ashley’s told us that Star Wars Rebels gear is forthcoming and has already tweeted a teaser image of Darth Vader stud earrings!

First up, they’ve been running a fantastic The Walking Dead sale for both Halloween and in honor of the show coming back.  They’ve actually got a great selection of items across their fandoms on sale including a ton of their Star Wars stuff.  And if you’re a Daryl fan, check out this tank top that I hadn’t noticed before now that slipped quietly on to Hot Topic.



Tis definitely the season for new items though and they’ve been rolling them out over the past few weeks.  On Think Geek, you can now stock up for fall and Winter with brand new Star Wars and Star Trek long sleeve or hooded shirts!  They’ve also got this AMAZING Storm hoodie that GLOWS IN THE DARK.  (Seriously.  It’s fabulous.)

Just announced today was this Doctor Who sweatshirt that’ll be available on Hot Topic.


And finally, Her Universe has more new things on the Marvel front.  The Xavier’s Cardigan that they first sold at SDCC is FINALLY online on both their site and Think Geek.  What came out of the blue was the Spider-man tank which is of similar style to their Captain America, X-Wing, and Boba Fett tank tops.

Don’t forget to partake in their Halloween contest to have the chance to be one of seven winners of a $50 Her Universe gift card!