[COS] Mutant AND Valkyrie – Dani Moonstar



Convincing yourself to take the plunge and make a costume you’ve thought about for ages can be challenge in itself.  I’ve adored Dani Moonstar for years.  There’s something about her that I just really admire and respect especially once she loses her mutant powers but keeps on fighting.  (Ask me sometime for my essay on why I adore the normal person amongst a superpowered team.)

When I was tapped to be Dani for the Giant X-men Group at Dragon Con, it was an easy decision to say yes and to immediately swear off cutting my hair until September so it’d be appropriately long enough.  Sometime in July, I started taking a good hard look at my costume line up and found it… lacking.  It needed another comic something and so I turned to my folder of future cosplay wants.  Once again, the crazy armored Valkyrie version of Dani called to me but I knew that just wasn’t feasible.  Right beside it though were variations on her Valkyrie look from her early headwing days and fan art which made me start looking at what I had…. and decide to go for it.




A couple of things were a first for me with this costume like figuring out the shoulder armor rig and especially the head piece which some how materialized in the last few days after my original plan for the wings fell through.  (I’m glad it did though because I adore how this looks.)  The best part about this costume is that it’s been drawn with so many variations that I had a ton of artistic freedom and even have a warm weather and cold weather version for it!  (More on the cold version in a few weeks…)




Valkyrie Dani Moonstar: Bria
Photography by Carlos Adama Photography

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how wonderful it was to work with Carlos to take these pictures.  He is amazing to work with and was incredibly patient with me even when I was having issues with the belt and couldn’t manage to keep my eyes open for shots because of ridiculously bright it was.  Basically, if you ever get a chance to work with him, DO IT>



cos_bria_2014_danivalkyrie_05 cos_bria_2014_danivalkyrie_04