[WAYW/INSPO] Rebel Ladies – Star Wars Rebels Week



Are you ready?  ARE YOU READY FOR STAR WARS REBELS TONIGHT?  The hour long premiere is on Disney XD at 9pm Eastern time!  Everyone should watch because it’s a super fun episode and you’ll be hooked when the series starts in its usual Monday slot on the 13th.

Disney made the official announcement about all of their new products for Rebels last week and they have some pretty rad stuff in there.  I was definitely thrilled to see that they’re putting out a Sabine costume for girls in addition to the usual boy costumes.  What caught my eye though were a few thing: the hat from the other day’s Sabine outfit, the Sabine shirt, and the Hera phone case.  When I expressed how fantastic I thought they were, the lovely folks over at Disney were kind enough to send them over to me!

I must admit that I’m fairly impressed with what arrived!  I was even more impressed when I ventured online and saw that both the shirt and the phone case are going to be customizable if you buy them online at the Disney Store!  (I’m linking to the shirt here.)  It’s totally fun to just play around with the options (…says the girl who’s spent the last five minutes trying to decide on the perfect shirt color for the Rebel logo.)  Honestly, I’m such a sucker for this sort of stuff that I will probably end up getting something from them.

First up though, is the phone case featuring my absolute favorite Twi’lek, Hera Syndulla!  It’s taken over for my usual case this week.  I admit that it’s brought a smile every time I’ve retrieved my phone during work.  It’s on the minimalistic side as far as phone cases go but I don’t have any real complains thus far.  I thiiiiiink that there are options for a case with fuller coverage but honestly I didn’t spend nearly as much time messing with the phone generator.

wayw_bria_phone_01 wayw_bria_phone_02

And then, of course, we come to the shirt!




First off, as a sizing note, they do not lie on the site.  These shirts definitely run small which, oddly enough, is the opposite of what I’ve generally found with American Apparel shirts.  They sent me a Medium and I’d classify the sizing as being a small in most other terms so go up a size or two.  That said, it’s definitely a comfy shirt to wear around.  As far as the art goes, I wish they’d made her breast plate the dark red/pink color that it actually is in the show but other than that, it’s totally cute!  It’s neat to see Sabine portrayed in the non-animated style like the show uses.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing other fangirls wearing shirts like this one customized how they want it in the future!




We’re ridiculously pumped for new Star Wars on our screen so come spark a rebellion with us as we kick it Star Wars Rebels style all week long leading up to the official show premiere TONIGHT!