[COS] Capable Ladies of Star Wars – Winter Retrac



My love for Winter Celchu is preeeeeeetty well documented at this point.  It’s so well documented that I basically make every costume I can for her so when Nic and I stumbled across this one glorious panel from Star Wars: Agent of the Empire, we knew there was only one thing to be done: make the corresponding costumes.


Have you ever seen such glorious bitch face like Leia’s in this panel? HAVE YOU?


So obviously we did this grabbed an Imperial Officer/the closest thing to a Jahan Cross we could find and did this:




Of course, once we decided to do the costumes, we just had to recruit some of our friends to join us for a mini photoshoot as some of the Capable Ladies of Star Wars!  Enter Iella and Mirax!  (Who I sincerely appreciate for letting me rope them into an early Sunday morning photoshoot.  Early for Dragon Con at least.)



Capable Ladies plotting how best to take down the Empire.


Winter Retrac: Bria
Princess Leia Organa: Nic
Mirax Terrik: Nanci
Iella Wessiri: Erin
Photography by Brian

(If the nice Imperial Officer or the Mara Jade come across this post, comment and I’ll happily edit in credit!)

Honestly, I just love any chance I get to cosplay as one of my favorite Expanded Universe characters and I especially love it when we get more Expanded Universe characters together.  Sadly, with the exception of a handful, these AMAZING characters don’t get enough love when it comes to costuming and I always want to try and encourage more people to do so whenever possible.  They may be Legend(ary) now but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t still dress up as them and show how cool they are!   Just wait: I may end up starting the Independent League of Expanded Universe Costumers that I joked about being a member of on the Advanced Costuming Panel at Dragon Con.

We have absolutely zero apologies for this picture which was our attempt at recreating that scene from Star Wars: Union.  You know… the comic all about Luke and Mara getting married.  (Yes, Winter wasn’t in this precise panel but we improvised!)




Alderaanian BFFs <3

cos_bria_2014_AOEWinter_03 cos_bria_2014_AOEWinter_04

Vadering is still a thing, right?  Or rather… Lady Vader/Mal’ary’ush-ing!




You can check out all the pictures from the shoot over on Flickr!