Back from Otakon!

Despite a hectic weekend, I’m back from Otakon with another magical girl transformation checked off the list! While there’s little time for rest and recovery mode with Dragon*Con fast approaching at the end of the month, here’s a few quick snaps to keep us going until full photosets can be shared.

Did somebody say selfies? Because: selfies. Awful selfies.



Toudou Jinpachi | Yowapeda



Madoka (Abby), Sayaka (Alana), Homura (me) | Madoka Magica: Rebellion



Asuka (Abby), Kaworu (me) | Neon Genesis Evangelion


Actually, who are we kidding. It’s all sports anime. My camera files are nothing but sports anime, and I am so sorry.


Cop Mikoshiba | Free!


Yamaguchi Tadashi | Haikyuu!!


Group | Haikyuu!!

But here’s something to make up for that.

Magical girl fistbump, yeah.