[INSPO] What Would Tenel Ka Wear? Part 3

When it comes to speculating what characters might wear from the runways of our world, it’s well established that I like to play favorites which means it’s time to take another look at Tenel Ka, Queen Mother of Hapes and Warrior of Dathomir.  This time though, we’ll be looking at both sides of the

Dathomir’s aesthetic is very much informed by their culture of warrior clans.  While no one would try and claim that any of the below looks by Burberry and Michael Kors are fitting for riding rancors, they definitely capture the feel of Dathomir.

TK Burberry Fall2013RTW Look10 TK Michael Kors SpringRTW2014 Look49 TK Michael Kors SpringRTW2014 Look20

Hapes, on the other hand, doesn’t embrace their hardcore warrior or snake skin side quite that much.  Both this Versace and Zuhair Murad definitely give off a Hapan vibe with the fabric of the Zuhair Murad being something that would likely appeal to Tenel Ka.

Hapan Versace Fall2014 Look15 TK Zuhair Murad Fall2014 Look4

While I recognize that this Versace isn’t something that Tenel Ka would jump at to wear, there are elements to it that I think would definitely fit with the Hapan look combined with Tenel Ka’s own preferences.  In particular, I’m referring to the arm pieces and the hood and the skirt itself definitely reads Hapan.


Hapes Versace Spring2014 Look23


For a bonus round, have this Valentino dress which I could see Tenel Ka wearing in a more casual Hapan setting that would still restrict her from dressing more Dathomiri.


TK Valentino Fall2014 Look26


All pictures taken from Style.com