[WAYW] Under the Sea – Disney Bound Ariel


The other week, I realized approximately three days before I was leaving for Florida that I was headed for Disney World and hadn’t even given a thought to Disney Bounding.  Cue a moment of slight panic followed by some rooting around in my closet.  I’ve determined that Disney Bounding in not-95+ degree weather would’ve been much easier.  The goal here was to have an outfit that was light-weight for the heat and comfortable enough to walk around in all day.  The second goal meant sneakers were a must and the rest of the outfit came about thanks to trial and error so I got to be Ariel for the day.  Just with… really different hair.  Overall though, it was a pretty good park outfit and I’m glad it worked out!

I also may or may not have loudly sung along to all the songs with all of my friends on The Little Mermaid ride.

Purple Top: BCBG
Green Shorts: Express
Fish Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Black Sneakers: Coach
Hair Flower: DIY

Thank you so much to Brian for taking these pictures for me!