[INSPO] Mara Jade’s Wedding Dress: A Second Look

It’s hardly a secret around here that I love Star Wars and Mara Jade.  So when one of our readers sent us an email asking what we thought Mara Jade’s wedding dress should have looked like, it seemed like a no brainer for a post idea!  (And I profusely apologize for how long it’s taken me to get around to putting this together.)

The first thing you have to know is that Star Wars: Union is a 4-issue comic that details the wedding of Luke and Mara and that it is pure glorious cheese that you just have to embrace and roll with.  For example, take the below two pages in which different designers try and convince Mara to wear their wedding dress for the big day:


Unsurprisingly, she choose to go with none of the above and instead with a very simple sleeveless white dress with some pink lace on the bodice.  It wasn’t the most exciting of dresses to say the least.  In fact, it’s so plain that I had to dig out my floppy issues of Union to remember what it looked like.  But hey– you know how this goes by now: Challenge Accepted.

I’ll go ahead and admit up front that I’m not a wedding nor a wedding dress expert.  I tend to only watch Say Yes To The Dress when my roommate’s watching a marathon of it and I get sucked right in.  However, I do still plenty of opinions here.  Obviously.  I’ll also go ahead and admit that I didn’t find a dress that made me scream ‘THIS IS MARA’ and I also get that this is all 100% subjective.

Okay.  Disclaimer time is over.  On with the dress.

There were a couple of design aspects that I stumbled across in my search that really appealed to me for a Mara Jade wedding dress.  In particular, I loved the idea of a cape incorporated into the gown.  I also liked the idea of it using both white (if we’re assuming that white is a traditional color in the galaxy far far away too) and gold instead of it just being one solid color.  But mostly it was the capes.  I can’t even lie here.

This first dress by Krikor Jabotian definitely incorporates the cape idea and I love all of the lines of it especially along the bust and the split in the back.  As a wedding dress, I think it would look better and be more appropriate longer.

MaraWedding_KrikorJabotian_2a MaraWedding_KrikorJabotian_2b

The second dress by Krikor Jabotian also brings in the cape effect.  This might be my favorite of all the gowns I found as this one feels like it fits in the best with some of the other looks we’ve seen in the Star Wars universe.  There’s just something about the fall of the shoulders and the train that makes it work.

MaraWedding_KrikorJabotian_1b MaraWedding_KrikorJabotian_1a

Yaki Ravid’s gown skips the cape but has long sleeves and definitely has a bit more of the sex appeal than some of the other dresses.


The Enzoani is on this list of obvious reasons although the pure white of the look puts it a little further down the list as I don’t think Mara would be one for monotone.  The cut though could definitely work.


And finally, we’ll wrap things up with this white and gold dress by Zuhair Murad that is likely a bit more extravagant than Mara would go for but Leia could possibly have talked her into it especially since this is the equivalent of a celebrity wedding in the galaxy far far away and those always have to have that extra something to them.