[INSPO] Fashion Finds for the Trendy Geek — Game of Thrones / House Tyrell

While your esteemed editors may be sizing each other up across the Stark vs Lannister aisle, there are some houses from Game of Thrones that we do doubly root for — namely, House Tyrell of the fierce and fabulous ladies. With a nod to Margaery Tyrell’s most excellent portrayal by Natalie Dormer, we go modern with flirtatious femininity that takes from house sigils and colours.




Rose Ring Set  +  BCBG Plunge Dress  +  Rose Bracelet

Draped Cutout Dress  +  Open Back Peplum Top  +  Asos Midi Cutout Dress

Rebecca Minkoff Strap Heel  +  Brocade Skirt  +  Rose Embellished Sunglasses