[INSPO] A Game of Fashion

Games of Thrones is back, awww yeah.  With it, of course, comes the annual war between your two esteemed editors as we pledge our loyalty to House Lannister and House Stark and take up fashion arms against each other.  But first!  We pause playing favorites and present one high fashion look per each of the major houses in play this season.

House Lannister  (Elie Saab)

Lannister Elie Saab FallRTW2014 Look1

House Stark  (Ralph Lauren)

Stark Ralph Lauren FallRTW2014 Look36

House Martell  (Vionnet)

Martell Vionnet Fall2013 Look5

House Targaryen/Daenerys   (Zuhair Murad)

Dany ZuhairMurad SS2010 1

House Baratheon  (Marchesa)

Baratheon Marchesa FallRTW2014 Look26

House Tyrell  (Zuhair Murad)

Tyrell Zuhair Murad SS2010