[INSPO] What Would Rebel Pilots Wear?

Due to recent circumstances, the pilots of Rogue and Wraith Squadrons have definitely been on my mind lately.  We’ve been doing this for long enough now that you know how this story ends: I started asking myself just what would the ladies of Rogue and Wraith wear if they were dressing from the high fashion runways of our planet?

We’ll start with this look from BCBG.

Pilots BCBG PreFall2014 Look16

And then this casually elegant look in Wraith grey from Ralph Lauren.

Pilots Ralph Lauren FallRTW2014 Look11

I’ll admit: this ZAC Zac Posen dress is in here because it’s flight suit orange.

Pilots ZAC Zac Posen FallRTW2014 Look4

Speaking of Wraith grey… (and Alexander Wang)

Pilots Alexander Wang PreFall2014 Look7

These looks by Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors are cute with an edge and a look that means business, just like the pilots.

Pilots Lous Vuitton FallRTW2014 Look24 Pilots Michael Kors SpringRTW2014 Look15

You might recognize this look from the Bourcha Jarrar collection that inspired the Razor’s Edge post but I think it totally fits of a pilot girls night out in the city.

Pilots BourchaJarrar Fall2013 Look7

…as would this Zuhair Murad.

Pilots Zuhair Murad FallRTW2014 Look1

Both of these looks by Elie Tahari are casual but pretty hip.  I could easily see Inyri Forge or maybe Shalla Nelprin wearing these.

Pilots ElieTahari PreFall2014 Look1 Pilots Elie Tahari FallRTW2014 Look1

We’ll wrap up with this super casual look from Hermes.  (Look, if we can’t end it with a Elie Saab ballgown, we’re going to go completely the other way.)

Pilots Hermes SpringRTW2014 Look11

All pictures taken from Style.com