We’re back from Katsucon!

Despite the terrible weather conditions, we both made it to Katsucon! We’re still in recovery mode from our con weekend, but hopefully we’ll have a lot of new costumes to share with you soon. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the quick snapshots we managed — being in costume meant that we had few opportunities to get pictures ourselves, but we tried to get some regardless — especially silly ones with friends! <3



Game of Thrones | House Martell with Abby, Bria, and Erin



Aaron as Jon Snow, and Bria being a sneaky Sand Snake.



Persona 4 | Prince and Princess of the Midnight Hour!!




Bria being a classy Star Wars lady with Nic.



Evangelion & Saints Row | Your esteemed editors.



Evangelion | Lin’s favourite new totally in-character picture of herself.