[INSPO] UXF Week: Style Like Fantomex

Bria’s playing favorites with Cluster/Fantomex this week  with another post inspired by her!  It’s one part Inspo and one part Stealth Cosplay.  Once again, white and black are the name of the game here for some chic Cluster-esque style.  (Note: not all of this is necessarily meant to be worn together nor are any of the pieces here 100% essentially.  They’re just meant to give you some ideas.)

And yes.  Yes, the champagne glasses were totally necessary.

Warning: This much white might make people think you’re going for the Olivia Pope style but given how Kerry Washington rocks that wardrobe, I do not see the problem here.

INSPO Fantomex

White/Black Tee + Via Spiga White Coat +  Michael Kors Skinny Pants
Rachel Zoe Long Gloves + Champagne GlassesDKNY Tall Black Boots
White Beret + Juicy Couture X Bracelet + Mango Black Skinny Scarf

Because the comic gods have seen fit to rip one of our most beloved books from our grasp, we’re honouring its end in the only way we know how: Welcome to Uncanny X-Force Week.