[WAYW] “You Shall Not Pass” — Black Milk / Lord of the Rings



What do we want?

The new Hobbit movie.

When do we want it?


To get this week moving along we’re throwing a Middle Earth blog party, and what better way to start than outfit inspo from the excellent Black Milk Clothing collection. We’ll do our best not to delve too greedily and too deep, but nothing says GET ON MY BODY THANKS!! like monstrous terrors made of shadow and flame.

“You Shall Not Pass” Dress: Black Milk Clothing
Asymmetric Blazer: Comme des garcons x H&M
Asymmetric Skirt, Bunny Ear Toque: Yesstyle
Suspender Hosiery: Black Milk Clothing
Spike Belt: Forever 21
Ankle Boots: Storets