[WAYW] I’m Still Betting On You – Cinna – Hunger Games


LET ME TELL YOU ALL THE WAYS IN WHICH I LOVE CINNA.  Except not really because we’ll be here all year.  Catching Fire is going to destroy my soul but in honour of its release on Friday, I put together a simple outfit inspired by him.  Even though he’s a stylist and a designer in the Capitol, he’s described as dressing simply and in black.  I accented with some leather, accessorized with gold, and if you squint really hard, you can see my attempts at gold eyeliner.

wayw_bria_cinna04 wayw_bria_cinna03

Thank you to Heather of Zhobot for the photography!


Leather Jacket: Gap
Leather Accented Black Shirt: Express
Skinny Fit Pants: Max Studio
Gold Flats: Ralph Lauren
Gold Accessories: Assorted including The Brass Dragon
Black/Gold Purse: kate spade