[WAYW] “Don’t Be” — Neon Genesis Evangelion / Asuka Langley


What’s better than giant robot anime ruining your life? Why, this super rad fanzine. When I stumbled upon Jenny Zych‘s contribution in the form of Rei and Asuka rockin’ some mighty fine sukajan, it was like a perfect fashion high five for my street style sensibilities. Tight jeans and red may not be the language I speak, but for the pilot princess of my heart — well, all idiots kicked to the curb is the place where we meet.

(Thanks for nothing.)

(You’re all you have and you never even learned to like yourself.)

“Unit-02” Jacket: Forever 21 / Jenny Zych / DIY
“Thanks For Nothing” Sweater: Forever 21
Red Velvet Skirt: American Apparel
Red Hoodie: Old Navy
Spike Ear Beanie: Forever 21
Silver Trim Wedge Booties: Forever 21