[INSPO] What Would Monet St. Croix Wear?

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Welcome to our second post that we’re contributing to the cool feature that the lovely ladies over at Women Write About Comics are putting on.  They’re running an ongoing series on Race, Gender, and Comics and we absolutely recommend that you go check it out!  It’s great and it’s, well, obviously something we care about a lot.

After a bit of a cosplay filled break, we’re sliding back into our staple What Would X Wear? feature and taking a look at the HBIC herself, Monet St. Croix!  Unlike most of the characters we focus this sort of post on, Monet is one of those who could actually afford these sorts of looks.  So some of these might definitely be a lot more likely to end up in her closet than others.  While she’s definitely a girl who’s fine with putting on a t-shirt and some leather pants, that’s not nearly as fun to play with for a WWXW and we know she can rock a super fab outfit when the mood strikes.

We’ll start off with this plunging neckline jumpsuit by Elie Tahari.

Monet Elie Tahari SpringRTW2014 Look23

Oh wait.  You wanted to see more jumpsuit like looks that Monet would look fab in?  Christian Dior and Chanel are okay with that.

Monet Christian Dior SpringRTW2014 Look51 Monet Chanel SpringRTW2014 Look56

Colour blocking on a leather dress?  Yeah, she’d be all over this Elie Tahari dress.

Monet Elie Tahari SpringRTW2014 Look11

Of course, we can’t neglect her GenX OR her X-Corp days.  This Ralph Lauren look is way cuter than that X-Corp uniform anyways.

Monet Ralph Lauren SpringRTW2014 Look3

Something tells me that that girl also has some sparkle in her wardrobe for special occasions.  It’s probably more aligned with the Elie Saab on the right but something made me include the Dolce and Gabbana too.

Monet Dolce&Gabbana SpringRTW2014  Look27 Monet Elie Saab SpringRTW2014 Look45

Of course, you have to have a fabulous coat for the colder days like this one by Miu Miu.

Monet Miu Miu SpringRTW2014 Look22

This post has been a lot of dresses and fab so far but we know that M has nothing against going more casual.  We’ve seen her in t-shirts plenty of times in canon.  This look from Versace might be right up her alley as could the look by Balenciaga.

Monet Versace SpringRTW2014 Look2 Monet Balenciaga SpringRTW2014 Look10

This other look by Balenciaga might not look like much at first glance but that sort of cape incorporated into the top takes it to the next level and makes it totally Monet.

Monet Balenciaga SpringRTW2014 Look22

And to close things out, we’ll go with this classic yet sexy red dress by Elie Saab.  (Honestly, when do we not end these posts with his designs?)

Monet Elie Saab SpringRTW2014 Look35