New York Comic Con 2013: Cosplay Schedule

Ahh, thanksgiving weekend in Canada is coming up. That can only mean Lin is spending some quality time with New York Comic Con (Oct 10-13) and a full party hard weekend of comic book revelry. Sadly without my partner-in-crime, so I won’t be hauling a cosplay closet’s worth out there — but there’s still a few new things on offer. As always, feel free to come up and say hello!

(When not in costume, you can spot me at twenty paces by my ridiculous hair. Hola.)



Most likely wearing Asuka Langley (Red Cross Book Fanzine version) on Thursday, or Friday for the Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo premiere; a slightly pared down Dani Moonstar is being made express for the Fearless Defenders photoshoot on Friday at  noonMiss America is basically a comfort costume to get up to no good all weekend.