[CON] Dragon*Con — JLA vs Avengers



Things to do on a beautiful summer day:

  1. Round up a couple dozen of your nearest and dearest.
  2. Get some super bright George Pérez-era spandex going.
  3. Assemble.
  4. Pretend to beat the crap out of each other.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s probably not enough ~heart hands~ to describe just how much Dragon*Con is a totally gross group hug for us, and the ways in which the Superhero Costuming Forum is a bit like coming home. So when I got tapped to suit up as Wasp for their JLA vs Avengers photoshoot that was being organised in honour of George Pérez, how could I say no to my fave gang of costuming misfits? Afterall, there’s a lot of Janet van Dyne’s leading lady that lives inside my flippant fashion heart.

So consider this a jumping high five to the organisers and everybody who fought the good fight, and the amazing photographers and videogaphers that documented us going at it hard like a bunch of nerds.

Photography by Pat Loika and Pat Sun; video by DistractotronChannel and beatdownboogie.