[INSPO] What Would House Tyrell Wear?

Us?  Impatiently tapping our feet while we wait for it to be April so we can have a new season of Game of Thrones?  And tragically lamenting the wait for The Winds of Winter?  It’d be pointless to lie and say that we weren’t.  That means that it’s time for another post where we ask what would one of the noble houses wear from our high fashion lines if they were a part of this universe.

This week, we’re taking a look at House Tyrell and especially at the Queen herself, Margaery Tyrell.  Therefore, there’s going to be a lot of Tyrell green along with some Margaery blue and plunging necklines.

We’ll start with a simple green dress by Zac Posen

Tyrell ZAC Zac Posen Fall2013RTW Look19

This next dress by Valentino is something that I could see a younger Margaery being attracted to especially given the colour.

Tyrell Valentino FallRTW2013 Look56

And of course, what would a fashion post be for one of the most powerful houses in Westeros without a little Elie Saab in their signature colour?

Tyrell Elie Saab Fall2013 Look39 Tyrell ElieSaab Fall2013 Look37 Tyrell ElieSaab Fall2013 Look34

Elegance doesn’t always mean elaborate beading.  Any of the Tyrell woman could absolutely look gorgeous in this dress by Vionnet.

Tyrell Vionnet Fall2013 Look1

Sometimes casually chic is the name of the game and I think this look by Zuhair Murad would work quite well for Margaery.

Tyrell ZuhairMurad Resort2014 Look11

Or, if she wants long yet casually elegant… this dress by Diane von Furstenberg.

Tyrell Diane von Furstenberg FallRTW2013 Look37

You know what?  I don’t actually have an explanation for this next dress by Louis Vuitton.  I honestly just looked at it and immediately thought casual!Margaery.

Tyrell LouisVuitton Resort2014 Look24
Even the Tyrells occasionally must venture north and away from the warm weather.  I could easily see them turning to warmer and more casual looks like these two by Chanel.

Tyrell Channel Fall2013 Look1 Tyrell Chanel Fall2013 Look4

We’ll wrap things up with a couture piece by Jean Paul Gaultier that would easily turn heads with or without that hairstyle.

Tyrell JeanPaulGaultier Fall2013 Look23

Looking for more Game of Thrones-esque fashion? Our tag has you covered.

All pictures taken from Style.com