[WAYW] Set Course For Los Angeles – Psylocke


What’s a girl to do when she adores the hell out of Psylocke’s new costume but she’s terrible at sewing spandex?  Redesign it as a dress obviously.

Look, this is basically my love letter to Uncanny X-Force.  And also a giant fistbump to Sam Humphries and Kris Anka for writing a kickass book and designing a kickass costume respectively.  (My bad for misleading you about why I wanted to know what the leg shapes looked like, Anka, my bad.)  I adore the hell out of Betsy’s new costume and I adore the hell out of this crazy book.  It was either this or keyboard smashing incoherently.  I swear I’ll get around to make the actual costume one day.  Promise!

Just pretend that there’s a bottle of expensive French champagne in these photos as I toast the book and my darling Betsy.

wayw_bria_psylockedress_02 wayw_bria_psylockedress_03

There were some slight changes made when translating the dress from my original sketch to real life (due in part to a difficult pattern and an epic battle with a zipper where the zipper won) but I am mostly happy with how it turned out although I’ll probably do a second pass at it/fix some small issues when I’m not angry at the zipper.


Psylocke Dress: Designed and Sewn by Yours Truly
Black Heels: Ralph Lauren
Butterfly Earrings: Local boutique
Bracelet: Nine West

Wait, did you just say that you’re not reading Uncanny X-Force?  Get thee to Comixology or a comic book store right now!