[INSPO] Jaeger Con: Fashion Finds for the Trendy Geek — Stacker Pentecost / Pacific Rim

Ahh, how else to get ready for Jaeger Con 2013 than to slip into something more comfortable. Taking our cues from Pacific Rim‘s number one hot dad Stacker Pentecost, we relax his military tailored style into an oversized, modern weekend look — lots of blue, comfy shirts with a touch of flair, a subtle nod to rank. And while the clutch is a perfect fit for cellphones, we’re sure it can fit some Metharocin if you’re so inclined.




Gold Eagle Ring  +  Double Breasted Navy Blazer  +  Marc by Marc Jacobs Phone Wallet

Contrast Piping White Shirt  +  Spike Shoulder Chambray Shirt  +   Trouvé Military Overcoat

Adrienne Shirt Dress  +  ASOS Luxe Tapered Pants  +  Jeffrey Campbell Duo-Skull Loafer


We’re cancelling the apocalypse this weekend at Jaeger Con 2013, so strap yourself in for a 4-day Pacific Rim party. Check back in with us here for the final post count, and don’t forget to kick back relax with us over on tumblr as we celebrate another giant robot weekend.