[WAYW] Fashion Central – Another Fashion Team-Up With Zhobot


We had so much fun with our first geeky fashion team up with Zhobot that another one just had to happen.  At our unofficial Basement Con the other weekend, Bria teamed up with Heather and Nate to bring three more Dance Central characters to fashionable life.  This time, Bria repped as the ever fashionable Miss Aubrey from Lu$h Crew while Nate brought forth his inner Oblio style and Heather came up with another fabulous outfit for Jaryn of the Glitterati.  You can check out their half of the project over on Zhobot.net.


Thanks so much to Roger for taking these pictures for us and making us laugh the entire time!

dc-f03 dc-f05

Miss Aubrey  –  Bria
Striped Dress:
Juicy Couture
Gold Headband: BCBG
Striped Earrings: kate spade
Gold Bracelet: H&M
Bow Heels: kate spade
Striped Phone Case: Nine West

That is Jaryn's fabulous face paired with Miss Aubrey's "Ugh stop leaving me prank voicemails, Emilia!" face

That is Jaryn’s fabulous bitch face paired with Miss Aubrey’s “Ugh stop leaving me prank voicemails, Emilia!” face

After Emilia, Miss Aubrey is definitely my favourite character to play as for Dance Central.  I just adore everything about her from her clothes to her attitude to her signature headbands.   Her style also meshes with a good part of my closet so that made the decision to do an outfit for her fairly simple.

I tried to avoid going literal this time and instead went with themes hence the nautically striped navy/white dress.  From there, it was a matter of accessorizing with gold and topping the outfit off with gold heels with giant bows on them.  (Just try and tell me that Aubrey wouldn’t have something like that in her closet!)  Basically, it was important to me to keep the outfit cute and sexy without being overly so and to also keep true to the spirit of the character.  I’ll have to trade these heels for some better shoes before I dance along with Angel as a part of Lu$h Crew.




Don’t forget to check out the second half of the project and Heather and Nate’s fabulous Jaryn and Oblio outfits over at Zhobot!