[WAYW] Rogue Two, Standing By



When it comes to Star Wars, we love the Jedi and all the other fun characters from the galaxy far far away but we clearly bat for Team Pilots of Rogue and Wraith Squadrons.  Needless to say, we were thrilled beyond belief when Ashley Eckstein let us know last fall that she was in the process of designing a Rogue Squadron dress and tank.  Waiting those months was tough but last week, I finally bought and received my very own Rogue Squadron dress from the fabulous Her Universe!  (Pilots, folks.  PILOTS.)  It’s adorable and chic and I can’t express how much I love it.  So obviously I had to shoot it.

By the way, the title of the post is an homage to both the wonderful pilots of Red Squadron who took on the first Death Star and Tycho Celchu, one of my favourite Rogues.  (Shut up, I just have a lot of feelings about Alderaan.)




Rogue Squadron Dress: Her Universe
Striped Bow Heels: kate spade
Orange Chain+Ear Cuff Earrings: Sorza Jewelry
Accessories: Repurposed Rebel Alliance Keychain into a necklace, Promotional bracelets for Her Universe and Tosche Station
Hair Style: Based on Leia’s Endor Hair which we gave a tutorial for a few weeks ago

For reference, I’m not quite 5’7″ and am wearing a size Medium in the Rogue dress so it is a little on the shorter side for the taller girls.