[COS] My life is a foreign film with no subtitles – Echo/Maya Lopez


Let me count the ways in which I adore Maya Lopez except not actually because we’d be here all day.  I’ve loved her from the moment I first encountered her in the pages of New Avengers and then I somehow found it within me to love her even more once I had the chance to go back and read her appearances in David Mack and Joe Quesada’s Daredevil.  (Her two arcs are absolute works of art, by the way, in every sense of the word.  Everyone should read them.)

I first put together my Echo costume in August of 2011 for the giant Avengers shoot at Dragon*Con which turned out to be both incredibly fun and incredibly exhausting.  The costume construction wasn’t terribly hard and was mostly a matter of finding the right pieces.  The trickiest bit tends to be the “gloves” since I choose to wrap them up my arms each time in boxer style because I like the look.  I’ve been looking for the chance to wear this costume again ever since that Dragon*Con and get some better pictures.  The opportunity presented itself this year at Eastern Shore Fan Con a few months back.

Much thanks to Heather of Zhobot for these pictures!


I bet you can spot the former ballerina in the pictures below.  I promise that I try to look like I can kick some butt but inevitably, the ballet training leaks out.

echo02 echo01


Time to prepare for the fight by wrapping the arms and observing the opponents.

echo10 Watch. Observe. Copy.



You can see more pictures of this Echo costume and Bria’s Marvel costumes (including Maya’s Ronin look) and more over at her costume gallery.

Except actually, let’s have one more for the road with the other side of Maya.

You may say I'm a dreamer