[FF] Super Best Friends Forever Store Now On Zazzle

Remember those super adorable Super Best Friends Forever DC Shorts that Cartoon Network aired during their DC Nation on Saturday mornings?  If you don’t, you are seriously missing out but if you do, there’s good news!  DC Comics now has a Zazzle Store so you can Super Best Friends Forever up your life.  What isn’t there to love about Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl teaming up together to fight crime?  And hey, maybe if they see how much everyone loves this group, we’ll get an actual full show out of it one day!  (Okay, okay fine.  It’s a long shot.  But still!)

PS: You can use the code ’15OFFPRODUCT’ to get 15% off your purchase for Memorial Day Weekend!

SBFF phonecase SBFF wondergirl poster
SBFF batgirl shirt SBFF supergirl tote